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Name: Katherine Moss

Height: 5'7"

Birth Date: January 16, 1974

Birth Place: Croydon, Surrey, England

Occupation: Model
Kate Moss
Katherine Moss, who has become one of the most recognized and highest paid supermodels of the '90s, was born in Croydon, Surrey, England, on January 16, 1974.

Kate's entry into the fashion industry all started in 1988, when she and her family were in JFK Airport on their way back from a vacation in the Bahamas. The then 14-year-old Kate caught the eye of Sarah Ducas of Storm Agency, who approached her. This chance encounter was the launching pad of Kate's hugely successful career.

Although her superstar mentality is not as bad as Naomi Campbell's, Kate still exudes a diva attitude. But that's okay, because that same attitude has helped her maintain a modeling career that has already spanned more than a decade.

Raunchy Calvin Klein ads catapulted Kate Moss to extreme stardom with a very recognizable profile, to say the least. She continues to model and has also taken up occasional acting.

Kate Moss is one of the world's most famous models and has often made headlines for her personal life rather than her profession. Whether it was her stormy relationship with Johnny Depp (who is now in a long-term relationship with Vanessa Paradis), her drug rehab stints or her famous liver failure from drinking, she definitely leads an interesting life.

Having been romantically linked to fellow partier Johnny Depp for four years, Kate also dated Calvin Klein photographer Mario Sorrenti. Recipient of the VH1 Award for Model of the Year in 1996, Kate Moss is unquestionably one of the most successful and controversial models of the '90s, having earned an income of approximately $10,000 per day.

On September 29, 2002, she became a mother with the birth of daughter Lila Grace, whose father is Kate's boyfriend Jefferson Hack. During her pregnancy, she posed nude for a near life-size portrait called "Naked Portrait 2002," which sold for approximately $6.5 million at Christie's auction house

In July 2005, Kate won a lawsuit against the British tabloid The Sunday Mirror for "falsely claiming" that she slipped into a coma after consuming cocaine. Unfortunately for Kate, in September 2005, the British newspaper The Daily Mirror printed pictures of her sniffing cocaine with her boyfriend Pete Doherty, the frontman of the British punk band The Libertines. As a result, H&M, Chanel and Burberry have cancelled Kate's contracts, and many are wondering if the supermodel's career may be over.
Model Moss crowned best hat wearer.

Kate Moss has been crowned Britain's best celebrity hat wearer.

The supermodel regularly tops off her outfits with a trilby

She recently sported a cream fedora to the wedding of Primal Scream singer Bobby Gillespie.

But her boyfriend Pete Doherty, another trilby fan, failed to win the male crown. Instead the accolade went to pop star Robbie Williams.

Philip Wright of milliners Walter Wright said: "A hat is the final statement in personal style and to be recognised as one of the nation's most stylish hat wearers is an accolade for individuality and distinction."

Last year's winners were royal Zara Phillips and Sir Elton John.

Moss and Williams were chosen by consortium Luton First, to promote the town's reputation as the centre of hat-making.

A spokesman said: "Kate manages to wear the most elaborate and extravagant millinery designs with great confidence and aplomb and, most importantly, without the hat seemingly wearing her

"She has the face to launch a thousand hat collections and has done much to promote hat wearing in recent years."

As for Williams: "He doesn't take fashion too seriously and appears to treat clothes as a bit of fun."
  - Blackadder Back & Forth (1999) .... Maid Marian/Queen Marian
  - Inferno (1992) (TV)

Kate Moss wallpaper
Kate Moss wallpaper
Kate Moss wallpaper
Kate Moss wallpaper
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